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FAQ. BotApp24


IMPORTANT. BotApp24 is a DialogFlow integration which is a complex platform requiring serious debugging and diagnostic skills, but we have developed ready-made scripts where you no longer need to think through and debug for a long time. We have prepared scripts to work with, using which you can start automating right away.
Set up your new bot in just 2 simple steps: 
1.    Come up with a name for the bot
2.   Select a ready-made script
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Common Questions

How do I disable the default intents?

A default intent is the one that is automatically added when creating a chatbot. Default Fallback Intent and Default Welcome Intent are default intents.

Default Welcome Intent allows the chatbot to react to greetings. For example, if a user sends “Hello” to the chatbot, it will reply with one of the standard greetings such as “Hello”, “Good Afternoon”, etc. Default Fallback Intent contains phrases that the chatbot will send to a user if it fails to understand his or her messages. To be sure that the chatbot will reply as accurately as possible, teach the chatbot, i.e. add various intents and correct the existing ones, and teach the chatbot to understand phrases.


IMPORTANT. To ensure proper operation of the chatbot, do not delete Default Fallback Intent or Default Welcome Intent.

Also check the rights in the open channel, there should be rights to the List of Open channel and General settings

Sometimes bots can take over the dialogue on themselves, in order to prevent this, set up a queue in open channels, it must be any other than "Everybody".

You can disable Default Fallback Intent or Default Welcome Intent if required. Here’s how to do itGo to the Bitrix24 portal, and then in the menu on the left, click BotApp24 for Open Channel.

  1. Go to the Bitrix24 portal, and then in the menu on the left, click BotApp24 for Open Channel.
  2. On the control panel, click button The settings of the bot:
  3. In the dialog box that opens, in the Default Fallback Intent, Default Welcome Intent drop-down list, select Switched off:

Why does the chat bot not respond to messages?

Your license to BotApp24 may have expired. On the BotApp24 control panel, check the license validity period.

To extend your license, click Renew your license.

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