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Buying a line to a client from personal account

You can buy a line for a client from your personal account, without going to partner's or client's account. do this:

1. Go to your personal ChatApp account;

2. In the Left Menu, select "My Business";

3. Click on "Buy a Line";

4. Click on the "Buy for a client" slider;

5. Select the client;

6. Select the subscription period;

7. Select the desired communication channels;

You can bill the client's company. Read more in the article - "How to invoice a client".

8. Click “To Pay”

9. Select a payment method:

INVOICE - payment by requisites;
RoboKassa- payment by card;
Bonuses - payment by bonuses;
From your company wallet

Read more about payment methods in the article "Partner Cabinet payment methods".

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