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IMPORTANT. BotApp24 is a DialogFlow integration which is a complex platform requiring serious debugging and diagnostic skills, but we have developed ready-made scripts where you no longer need to think through and debug for a long time. We have prepared scripts to work with, using which you can start automating right away.
Set up your new bot in just 2 simple steps: 
1.    Come up with a name for the bot
2.   Select a ready-made script
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Dialogflow is a cloud service, which allows creating chatbots that can recognize text and voice, and then generate a response using the neural networks. The service is developed by Google so you’ll need a Google account to perform work described in this topic. If you don’t have a Google account and you don’t know how to create it, read the article.

To create an AI chatbot, do the following:

  1. Click the link.
  2. In the Dialogflow Common drop-down list, select Dialogflow ES Console.
  3. Click button Create Agent
  4. Specify the agent name. Configure the language settings and the time zone. 
    TIP. If the chatbot will send messages in English, select English. Dialogflow constantly learns and recognizes text taking into account regional specific features. Therefore, text is recognized more accurately if you select a correct language..
  5. Click button Create. Wait until the agent is created.
  6. The following window opens: 

    Default Fallback Intent and Default Welcome Intent are the intents that enable the chatbot to reply users in different situations (events). Default Welcome Intent allows the chatbot to react to greetings. For example, if a user sends “Hello” to the chatbot, it will reply with one of the standard greetings such as “Hello”, “Good Afternoon”, etc. Default Fallback Intent contains phrases that the chatbot will send to a user if it fails to understand his or her messages. To be sure that the chatbot will reply as accurately as possible, teach the chatbot, i.e. add various intents and correct the existing ones, and teach the chatbot to understand phrases.

After that, create an intent to test the chatbot, and then connect the chatbot to the Bitrix24 portal.

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